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                                                                             EACMFS NEWSLETTER

Dear Colleague

Welcome to the first newsletter of the year 2000. could I wish you, your colleagues and families a very happy and successful New Year.

The past year has for the Secretariat been one of continuing difficulty in keeping contact with members Even in this age of electronic and technological advance when communications should be so much more secure the problems of membership documentation and subscription payment are enormous. We have made considerable efforts to find out where complications are arising especially for those colleagues who inform us that they have made a payment.  Some of these are problems of personal records while others have arisen because of something as simple as a number  being incorrectly written in the bank details.

I made reference in the last newsletter to the work of our colleagues in UEMS and our wish as an Association to facilitate wherever we are able the process of harmonisation of training requirements for our specialty.  Our President, Dr John Williams is maintaining informal links with representative members of the Advisory Committees on Medical Training (ACMT) and Dental Practitioners (ACDP) of the European Commission. We very much hope that such contacts as well as our close links with UEMS and the European Board will continue to be fruitful especially in relation to our role in education and training.

The Assistant Secretary, Dr Henri Thuau is updating the White Book of educational and training requirements that the Secretariat has developed and progressively revised over the past 6 years. This is a formidable task and we are grateful to those Councillors who have assisted in providing updated information. We are in addition anxious to obtain details of any published statutory or legal requirements of training for the specialty where they exist. This is designed to assist in the work of our Liaison Group with the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons with whom we are also keen to extend the exchange educational programe.

The Education Officer, Professor Bernard Devauchelle in addition to coordinating the long-standing series of EACMFS sponsored courses and symposia is now developing a rolling educational programme matched to the curriculum for the RQ Examinations of the European Board. The senior Vice-President, Professor Ulrich Joos has been actively investigating potential sources of funding  for this ambitious project.

The courses so far planned for the current year and one for next year are listed below. This information will be progressively updated throughout the year and further details announced in the Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery.

I would also like to remind colleagues that the Association is keen to assist in co-ordinating educational visits of trainees to extend their experience beyond that available in their own unit. Senior members who are prepared to offer such a facility as well as trainees anxious to take advantage of such opportunities are encouraged to direct their requests   to the Education Officer or the Secretariat. 

EACMFS is able to award of a number of Travelling Scholarships to facilitate such educational visits and full details together with application forms for these are available from the Secretariat as well as on the recently launched website which links to the home-pages for the publishers, Harcourt-Brace and also the conference organisers, Clansman-Monarch.

Studies undertaken during such visits often form the basis of papers which may be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, Professor Karsten Gundlach for possible publication in JCMFS or for presentation at a Congress of the Association. All papers presented by Trainee Members at the forthcoming Congress 2000 will automatically be considered for the award of a Leibinger Prize. This award caries with it significant prestige and I am delighted to announce that Howmedica Leibinger Gmbh have generously agreed to support three awards for the current year.

Finally could I thank you all for your continued support of the Association. The Secretariat is always keen to hear from you and greatly values advice and comments from members. We very much hope to have the opportunity of meeting with you in Edinburgh. We would suggest that to avoid disappointment you make your reservations at the earliest opportunity as Edinburgh is a very popular international venue for many activities especially in the late summer around the time of the World-famous Festival.

With very best wishes




February 21-25  Liverpool, England - Practical microvascular surgery
Dr ED Vaughan

March 6-7  Graz, Austria - 3D simulation in cranio-maxillofacial surgery
Professor G Santler

April 14-15 Bolton, England - Oral cancer: reducing mortality
Professor Jatin Shah, Dr Julia Woolgar, Dr JS Brown

April 27-28 Bruges, Belgium - 5th International Symposium : Treatment of head and neck malignancies
Dr J Abeloos

May 21-26 Verona, Italy - Rhinoplasty 2000: 1st international advanced maxillofacial surgery course
Professor PF Nocini, Dr E Tardy Jr

June 18-21 Dorset, England - IAMFST Symposium: Facial reconstruction
Dr N Kalavrezos

July 1-5 Zurich, Switzerland - 1st World Cleft Congress : International Cleft Lip & Palate Foundation
Professor HF Sailer

July 3-7 Graz. Austria - 4th course on microsurgical reconstruction in cranio-maxillofacial surgery
Prof H Karcher, Prof B Devauchelle,Dr  F Anderhub