The Council of the Association is anxious to ensure that all members are aware of the awards and prizes that are offered to trainees. These are designated to encourage trainees to travel to other Units and Departments in order to broaden their education and gain experience in research or techniques not necessarily available at their principle educational centre. The main awards are:


These are intended to allow trainees to visit units other than those in which they are currently employed in order to widen their surgical expertise and/or undertake a period of clinical research.

Applicants who should be members of the Association employed for more than one year in a recognised  training post, are required to complete an application on an approved form available from the Secretariat and to submit this to the Secretary General . The Endowments Subcommittee will meet twice per year and applications must be received by 31 January or 31 July each year in order to be considered at the meetings arranged to coincide with those of the Executive Committee in March and September respectively.

Each application will be required to  include the following:

a. A precis curriculum vitae written on the approved application form.

b. Details of the institution which it is proposed to visit and the nature of the planned study.

c. The planned period of the visit (this should not exceed four weeks).

d. An estimate of the expected expenses.

e. Documentary evidence of approval by the Head of Department of the institution to be visited.

f. Documentary evidence of support by the Head of Department of the unit at which the applicant is
   currently employed in a recognised training post.

g. Confirmation that the applicant will continue to receive a salary during the period of leave of

h. Confirmation of  support by a member of Council of the Association who will normally be the
    appropriate National Councillor.

Each successful candidate will be expected to submit a report to the Secretary-General within three months of return